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Resident Agents


Most states require business entities to have a registered agent. If you do not have a physical location in the state in which your business is registered, you must select a registered agent to accept documents on your behalf. The state in which your business is registered/domiciled needs to know it has a contact person for your business within the state at all times. P.O. boxes are not allowed as a mailing location for a registered agent.

Registered agents are responsible receivers who are located within the state in which a business entity was established/domiciled and who is designated to receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications. These mailings must be sent to a physical address within the state where the company is registered/domiciled. P.O. boxes are not allowed as a mailing location for a registered agent. An efficient statutory agent is meticulous, organized, and attentive. They promptly forward all important communication to you and point out matters requiring your immediate attention. Nevada Corporate Associates provides these services in all 50 States.

A business not having a registered agent risks losing its good standing with the state. Penalties can be applied and may include fines and license revocation. Reinstatement may include further monetary, civil, and possibly criminal sanctions.

Nevada Corporate Associates provides a full range of Resident Agent services. Whether, they are bundled with a Corporate Office program or are used solely for the receipt of entity correspondence, all of your official notifications and important correspondence will always immediately be in your hands.

Nevada Corporate Associates establishes and retains private and secure records for your needs and makes them available to you immediately when you need them. You can decide how you would prefer to receive the documents. Electronically or by having them mailed to your chosen location.

A record of all mailings to our company and all documents received for your business is kept. You can decide how you would prefer to receive the documents. Additionally, as your resident agent you receive an annual report, showing all correspondence throughout the year.


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