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Corporate Business Services in Nevada & California
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I have known Mr. Norris for over 25 years and we have worked on numerous business projects together. During that time he has always acted in a very professional manner with the utmost integrity and responsiveness to the immediate requirements. I am looking forward to our next project.

Stuart B.
Project Developer and Consultant

The products and services offered by Nevada Corporate Associates are wide-ranging and impressive. I have worked closely with the principal of this organization for many years and I am most satisfied. I am happy to recommend them to others who could benefit.

Henry Merren
International Attorney

I was operating my Auto Parts store as a DBA. I found the Website for Nevada Corporate Associates and reading their information learned how much risk I was taking with my personal assets because of the legal connection between myself and my business. In one call with Mr. Norris, I was certain that I needed to change my situation and purchased a C-Corp with additional structures to protect my home and other private assets from potential legal connection to my business.

Scott Barrymore
Business owner

About two years ago I contacted Nevada Corporate Associates and I am very glad I did. I have numerous vehicles and pieces of large construction equipment that are used in the operation of my business. With liability insurance costs skyrocketing, it was an easy decision to place each of the larger pieces of equipment into their own Trusts. This choice enabled us to reduce the overall insurance coverage costs and over the lifetime of that equipment, save me thousands of dollars. Additionally, removing the general liability for that equipment from my company by removing the ownership from my company enables me to sleep a lot better at night.

Robert Flounders
Mining Company Owner

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